How to calculate money

How to calculate money

For those who started And playing football in the first set or ball step and do not know how to calculate money When playing at a table near home That you want to calculate Today, our team There are ways to make you that. Able to calculate money correctly Because football betting Or that football step Have different prices, so we have to look first How is the price

The latter numbers 1-10. If his team shoots the full price, we get the full price and the price is the price multiplied by 1.9. Or if we play on the opposite side, the price we get is also multiplied by 1.9.
The last number is 1 + 10. If the winning team is already full, we will multiply only 1.72, but if we play the second team or the next team do not shoot, we will multiply up to 2.1.
The latter number is 1-5. If the winning team wins the full odds, the multiplier is 2, but if losing or not reaching the second team then 1.8 times
The last number 0.5, also known as the half of the white ball If the next team wins, it will multiply by 1.8, but if the goal can't be lost or scored, the second team will multiply 2
Price S. Show that both teams are unattended and if that price is multiplied by 1.8, both the next team and the secondary team
Want all online football betting players Get to know the study of the team at Will bet and bet on other forms of football as well, because in online football betting You must use strategy. In many online football betting Whether using the technical formula Or analyze the team that made bets to get the right bet. And the most profit that

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